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At Image Tours, we know that we have great tours with excellent itineraries, tour managers, and sightseeing. But we don't want you to take our word for it... so here are some comments we have received from recent travelers.


Excellent - Nothing left to chance, definitely a 1st class operation - Image Tours is great!
H. Park- Sacramento, CA

You get excellent for everything.
R. Swihart - New Philadelphia, OH

Our tour manager, Pieter, was so knowledgeable and really a very delightful person. Totally took care of business, and had a wonderful sense of humor. We will definitely recommend your tours to our friends.
N. Ditmire - South Bend, IN

This, for a history buff, was truly a trip of a lifetime. I would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in WWII history. Thank you Image Tours
E. Dorsey - Tijeras, NM

This trip is for anyone with patriotism in their heart. It was done with honor and dignity. I had 5 uncles and a dad in WWII and now I understand what cost this war had. I have more patriotism and more understanding of freedom [now].
R. Wiedmeyer- Allenton, WI

First time travelers with Image [and] very satisfied with the tour. [We] felt out needs were provided for.
W. Unfricht- Beacon Falls, CT

Just a fantastic tour in all respect.
R. Simmons- Phoenix, AZ

A very memorable trip.
R. Hooper- Shoreline, WA

This was our second tour with Image. Both trips were wonderful. The attention to detail in planning is evident. The perfect mix of sight-seeing and down time. Our tour guide was phenomenal. His knowledge of Europe's history and of all of the locations we visited was amazing.
D. Hanks- Janesville, WI

I never had any doubt I was in the hands of consummate professionals. From Pieter's knowledgeable insight, and Tom's abilities to safely take the bus through the narrowest of spots, the trip was a non-stop pleasure.
R. McCormick - Bloomsburg, PA

Each day was an enjoyable learning experience with a great & friendly tour group of people.
N. Scurto - Chula Vista, CA

Our tour guide made the trip. From early morning to late night - he was there.
T & B Taylor - Rapid City, SD

If this tour had been ten times the price, it would still be worth every penny! Anyone who is interested in WWII history and places to see in Europe would love this tour. I'm so glad I was able to go and have a tour director as fine as [ours]. I will never forget the people I met on this tour and the tour itself. It was the best thing I've ever done.
R. Johnson - Salem, OR

This was our first trip abroad. We felt very cared for, safe and secure. I enjoyed the cathedrals and the military cemeteries. My husband was thrilled with our last evening in Paris, especially the meal and the night tour of Paris. I would highly suggest others to book through your company. Our trip was comfortable, most informative, very interesting and at a pace we could manage.
T & M Burnham - Junction City, KS

Excellent value very well planned and coordinated.
R & D St. Pierre - Woonsocket, RI

Best trip I have ever been on. Far exceeded my expectations!
M. Pickering - Birmingham, MI

We feel that Image Tours is top of the line and strives to do what is best for its travelers. Personal highlight was getting to know the family of the hotel in Nuremberg, Germany, and walking the town. The highlight of the whole trip was the view from the Eagles Nest.
J. Coleman - Vermilion, OH

Could not have been more pleased with the overall service, great tour.
D. McFall - Biloxi, MS

It was very enjoyable and a pleasant group of people.
F. Keegan - Biloxi, MS

The museums were wonderful. So much information and detail on all of the battle sites were included. It was amazing how much we were able to see and absorb it in just two weeks. We certainly will consider taking other tours you offer in the future.
K. Kelley - Scottsdale, AZ

I was the only WWII veteran in the group. They took a gracious interest in the cemeteries locating my fallen comrades.
R. Westermann - Richmond, VA

Our experience with Image Tours was great. The tour is so well balanced that no one experience stands out above the others. We will definitely use them again. We heard about them from some very satisfied customers. Overall - a true travelers dream!
E. Williams - Livingston, TX

Everything was very well organized at all times, meeting places, etc. Everything was well communicated.
D. & J. Amos - Bentonville, AR

A trip desired for all my adult life and completely satisfied in one tour, far exceeding my expectations.
J. Wilson - Phoenix, AZ

From minute one, our comfort and convenience were the tour manager's and driver's priorities. Enthusiasm and flexibility - total change from other trips. This was the best tour I've been on.
R. McCarty - Sun City, AZ

It was a great trip for a great price.
G. & E. Mesa - Hayward, CA

I am a historian so this was a perfect tour for me. I saw a lot more than I expected and I would recommend this tour to anyone.
R. Andrade - Palm Springs, CA

I felt I saw all the places I wanted to see.
P. Jungers - San Diego, CA

This tour exceeded all our expectations! We're so grateful we have a video so we can relive it over and over!
M. & C. Escarzanga - San Pedro, CA

Our tour manager's knowledge of the sites and the area, combined with the excellent accommodations, made our first tour of Europe an unforgettable experience.
J. & N. Brouillette - Louviers, CO

One of the best tours I've been on.
D. Bee - Deerfield Beach, FL

After this tour, I would never consider using another tour company. This was our first tour and we were amazed at how flawlessly everything flowed. All we had to do was show up!
J. & M. Miller - Naples, FL

A wonderful tour. I'm just sorry I had to wait so long before doing it.
C. Emme - Sebring, FL

Having been on about 10 group tours, I have to say that this was the longest and most organized that I've ever been on. Planning was evident from our wake up calls until we turned in at night.
P. Putnam - Atlanta, GA

Overall this trip was well worth the expense. It fulfilled my personal desires to visit Europe again and see where WWII was fought and won.
B. & B. Jhung - Kailua, HI

The personal highlights of the tour were the back roads and smaller towns off the beaten path, the scenery, and the visits to American cemeteries.
D. Main - Cedar Falls, IA

The personal highlight for me was walking on the sands of Utah and Omaha Beach - very emotional. For my wife it was standing beneath the lit up Eiffel Tower in the evening.
J. & C. Smiskol - Cedar Rapids, IA

The trip was wonderful. It couldn't have been any better. Talk about making history come alive. WOW! We were pleasantly surprised with Bastogne, Belgium as well. The people there were so friendly, well versed in English, appreciative of Americans.
K. & L Heth - Urbandale, IA

We were most pleased with Image Tours and the tour exceeded our expectations.
W. & S. Kramer - Urbandale, IA

Incredible coverage of all that had to do with WWII.
O. & S. Stenberg - Boise, ID

I really enjoyed the tour. The tour was well worth the money.
H. Vietz - Chubbock, ID

This trip was the greatest experience of my life. Seeing the places where history was made brought it all into focus. We didn't have to worry about anything. There was a perfect blend of history and other events.
S. Cusack - Lombard, IL

This was the most meaningful tour I have ever been on. I wish every American had the chance to go on this tour.
G. Brown - Moline, IL

Everything we expected and more.
J. & J. Dever - Fort Wayne, IN

I would definitely take another Image tour.
F. Orthmeyer - Lexington, KY

A moving and memorable experience. The veterans in the tour group made it extra special by sharing their experiences.
K. Cooper - Acton, MA

Very well done. They went out of their way to show us around.
R. Parker - Beverly, MA

The planning, preparation and performance were all excellent.
W. Molway - Boston, MA

Your pre-trip literature gave us all the instructions needed so the actual trip was easy and fun. Food was varied and good. We felt well taken care of.
W. & P. Chipman - Ipswich, MA

A personal highlight of the tour was meeting the veterans and the D-Day beaches.
S. Armstrong - Melrose, MA

The places we went to and the things we saw were perfect. The trip rates a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10.
F. & J. Mc Dermott - Norwood, MA

This tour was more than I anticipated in every aspect. Every little detail was obviously considered in preparation on Image's part. A fantastic experience!
J. Maxwell - Raynham, MA

Great trip! Learned a lot.
J. Ruszkowski - Reading, MA

Great trip. The places we saw were unbelievable.
R. Ruszkowski - Saugus, MA

This was my second tour with Image Tours and found it just as wonderful and informative as the first. Absolutely no complaints.
B. Gauthier - Southampton, MA

Best tour we've taken. The Boston Globe did an article on your tour and that's how we found out about the tour.
D. & C. Oliver - Yarmouth Port, MA

The pace was just right.
D. Lancaster - Comstock Park, MI

This was one of the best vacations ever! I would recommend it to anyone at any age. Our passes for the U.S. ceremonies rocked! I sat with several 4-star generals at the St. Mere Eglise for the air show!
K. Peterson - Detroit, MI

It was the most amazing tour ever. We saw things we had read about but never dreamed of seeing and everything was explained in detail, everything was awesome!!!
H. & O. Zucca - Independence, MO

A very nice tour. The tour manager and driver worked excellent together. They are very, very good at what they do.
P. Sloan - St. Louis, MO

My dad landed in Normandy on Omaha Beach. It was a thrill to be there.
L. & J. Moulder - Hattiesburg, MS

Excellent. Tour manager was great.
R. Farmer - Vicksburg, MS

Everything about this tour more than met our expectations. It was first class!!
D. & J. Johnson - Fargo, ND

I have traveled with Image Tours five times - they were all great. On a scale of 1 to 10, all were a 10.
T. Kachnowski - Roselle Park, NJ

The overall experience was excellent. All of us on the tour participated in the Paris evening optional and it was just a great time. The food, restaurant, entertainment and the night tour to see the lights of Paris were all just great. We all did not want it to end. Thank you for making my first trip to Europe a very memorable experience. Everything about the trip was fantastic.
M. Synek - New York Hills, NY

Magnificent trip.
T. & P. Brannon - Newark, OH

We were extremely pleased with the trip. We would do it again without hesitation!
W. & H. Boliantz - Northfield, OH

Appreciated information well in advance so I could prepare. Great tour manager and driver and a wonderful combination of people in the group. Just a wonderful experience!
J. Dyer - Wooster, OH

I would go again tomorrow. I have studied the battles of Northwest Europe (WWII) and know more about them than anyone I have met. Still, (the tour manager) made this trip very interesting. I was perfectly satisfied.
K. Sohmer - Lock Haven, PA